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January 20, 2021

Mony's Mexican Food

A delicious, greasy flavor bomb



Order Al pastor burrito
Price $10.95
Tortilla ★★★★☆
Meat ★★★★★
Flavor ★★★★★
Size/shape ★★★★☆
Overall ★★★★★
Sides Habanero salsa, salsa verde, mango salsa (+ 2 other salsas) and chips

Located in the Funk Zone, Mony’s is the perfect place to refuel after a draining afternoon of brewery-hopping.

But Mony’s burritos aren’t just for soaking up alcohol—they’re some of the most delicious in Santa Barbara. These dense torpedos are made in the classic SB style (meat, rice, beans, and cheese, wrapped then cooked on the griddle), but every ingredient is delicious.

The meat (al pastor) was tender and soaked in mouth-watering marinade. The tortilla was fresh and chewy. The cheese actually tasted like cheese. And the rice and beans did their duty and soaked up all those delicious juices, creating a dense, well-balanced burrito.

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